COVID-19; Managing a Crisis

Maximising Opportunities. Mitigating Risks.


Given the rapidly rising number of COVID-19 infections worldwide, and the massive disruptions caused by this unprecendented crisis, businesses now find themselves at a critical juncture where they need to make strategic decisions that will in all likelihood determine the fate of their business.

Join our panel experts as we discuss key aspects businesses need to consider to mitigate their risks and exposure, and possibly leverage on the opportunities that can be found during these turbulent times.

Key focus for the COVID-19 Webinar:

* Implementing a BCP

* Your legal rights

* Maintaining control in the Digital Domain

* Engaging your employees

Expert Panellists

Shoeb Kagda
CEO & Co-Founder
Synthesis Indonesia

Shaun Leong
Eversheds Harry Elias

Chu Yun Sil
CEO & Founder

Mark Fuentes
Deputy Director,Cyber Operations

Bentley Williams
Principal Consultant
WOW! Aademy

Live Webinar on 8 April 2020, 10am (+8 GMT)

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